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SEISO detects high value-added optimizations and saves marketing teams time in managing their accounts. Already adopted and used every month by thousands of users around the world

More than 5,000 companies already trust us

Companies of all sizes and sectors use SEISO every month to improve their Google Ads campaigns and prioritize the actions of their marketing teams. SEISO users are of all types: merchants, lead generation sites, media or franchise networks.

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it trust Seiso
it trust Seiso
it trust Seiso
it trust Seiso
it trust Seiso
it trust Seiso
it trust Seiso

"With 3 in-house experts, it is key that they can rely on a common tool as reliable and insightful as Seiso."

Leila Couailler Moumeni

Acquisition Manager


"Finally, an efficient tool to help me develop the non-branded keyword traffic!"

Christophe Gros



"Well thought through, convenient and exhaustive, i use Seiso to identify my priorities."

Steeve Belair

Digital Marketing Manager

Casal Sport

A detailed analysis of your Google Ads performance

SEISO is a Google Ads campaign audit tool. Receive a complete audit email to diagnose the status of your AdWords performance in 3 clicks. Every month, you will receive a new report to drive continuous improvement of your SEA investments!





  • adwords audit Impression shares
  • adwords audit Quality Score
  • adwords audit Matchings
  • adwords audit Keywords
  • adwords audit Ads
A detailed analysis of your Google Ads performance

You want to go further than the Google Ads monthly analysis report? SEISO offers Premium Features to allow you to work every day with the power of SEISO SAAS software without leaving your Google Ads usual interface!





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Our plans


Free plan : Basic analysis of SEISO

  • SEISO full report over 12 months
  • monthly analysis
  • online tool access to the dashboard SEISO
  • Number of Google Ads Unlimited accounts
No credit card required!
0 $
Pro Crown

Take Action!

  • Free plan Advantages
  • SEISO labels: viewing recommendations in Google Ads interface
  • initial Demo
  • support by email
1 month trial!
199 $
99 $ / month
Business Crown

Master Google Ads, an expert accompanies you!

  • Pro Plan advantages
  • Google Ads Coaching staff: a senior certified consultant dedicated half a day per month
799 $
599 $ / month
Entreprise Crown

Custom Plan

Your needs are more specific? We adapt our tools and support methods for you!
custom price
Safety First
Safe and Secure
  • Seiso will only use your personal information and Google Ads credentials to analyze your account
  • We will never share your Google Ads data for any reason
  • Seiso does not modify anything on your campaigns
  • Seiso is a Google Partner Premier certified tool
  • Developped and hosted in France
3 steps to boost your performance

Find out where you stand in 1 minute, using your Google Ads account!

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SEISO can scan muliple Google Ads account simultaneously

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Fill out the form below to receive the results of your online audit by email. Each month you'll get a new report for Free!

SEISO will connect to your Google Ads account and read your campaigns. SEISO will analyze the data and generate an audit of over 50 pages which will reach you directly by email in less than 5 minutes. SEISO remains connected and you have nothing else to do: every month you will receive a free analysis to help you optimize your performance for continuous improvement!
All industries can use SEISO: Whether you work on e-Commerce, lead or branding, SEISO detects your strategy and adapts its reports! All positions can use SEISO. As a CMO or CEO, SEISO allows you to make your teams' work easier by saving them time and developing their skills. SEISO allows you to see, at a glance, the potential cost savings and profit potential of your Google Ads account. Traffic manager or acquisition managers? SEISO is your companion to help you organize, improve your performance and automate the analysis phase of your campaigns. SEISO remains a free tool, free and available for unlimited use
Yes! Whether you work with an agency or have internalized your management, SEISO is for all Google Ads advertisers. SEISO is free and can help you build the skills to understand the performance of your campaigns and to learn the intricacies of Google Ads through explanations and tips present and explained in monthly PDF reports. SEISO also allows advertisers to challenge the results of their service provider.
SEISO provides access to optimization levers that can not be found from the Google Ads administration area: Weighted Quality Score for campaign level, account ... On the other hand, SEISO saves you time, even in the framework of the healthy account maintenance. Test it for yourself to see if you find some areas for improvement 😉

SEISO is an automatic analysis tool for your Google Ads account.

Our team provides SEISO technology free of charge and offers optional personalized assistance at the request of the user for services of:

  • SEA Training
  • Google Ads Coaching
  • Operational account optimization
  • Complete Google Ads account management
SEISO will only use your personal information and Google Ads credentials to scan your account and we will never share your data for any reason. Additioanlly, every audit report produced by SEISO is anonymised to guarantee the confidentiality of the data of your account, whatever you use it for. If, despite these guarantees, your internal policies require it, we will be happy to sign an NDA for your SEA strategies prior to the audit. If, despite these guarantees, your internal policies require it, we will be happy to sign an NDA for your SEA strategies prior to the audit: Apply for a NDA Finally, the data processing is done on a French server and secure in accordance with RGPD rules.